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Money In Motion

— Financial Education Course

Money in Motion is an online financial education course designed to assist individuals with money management. This online program allows you to go through the lessons while giving you the option of listening to an audio version of the course.


  • Students will gain the skills they need to handle their finances responsibly.
  • Students will gain the confidence they need to make wise financial decisions.
  • Students will know what to do, should they experience financial distress.

Money In Motion (MIM) is a nationally standardized 8-session course collected into an 80-page workbook designed to assist individuals in gaining the skills they need to handle their finances responsibly.

The topics covered will include, but will not be limited to: budgeting and calculating fixed, flexible and variable expenses; financial tools, i.e. comparison shopping and maintaining accurate financial records; how your credit score affects you, contracts and choosing the right insurance, consumer law protection and warning signs of financial trouble. MIM was also created by the American Center for Credit Education (ACCE).

Money In Motion can be taken through one of our community workshops.

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