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Student Loan Counseling

Facts about Student Loans - The Shocking Truth:

  • 1 in 3 students struggle making payments
  • Delinquency rates on student loan debt are nearly
    twice that of other household debt
  • Not even bankruptcy can get you out of student loan debt

Know Your Options...

Help for Graduates Struggling With Student Loans:
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Helping Make Student Loans Manageable

Student Loan Counseling Session

During a Student Loan Counseling Session a financial counselor will:

  • Review financial goals and student loan concerns
  • Analyze living expenses
    • Adjust a budget specific to a client's needs
    • Supply resources to help reduce costs
  • Review credit score and credit report
  • Evaluate student loan debt
  • Explore options for student loans including deferments, forbearances, alternative repayment plans, and consolidation loans
    • Review the pros and cons to each option
    • Assist in applying for appropriate option
  • Assist in communicating with the student loan lender, as needed
  • Provide a written overview of options with action steps to take
    • Supplemental information regarding student loans and repayment options

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Double the Debt Could Mean More Than Headaches for Current Student Loan Borrowers:
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