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Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Buffalo, Inc. is a nonprofit Agency established in 1965. We offer a wide array of services that provide solutions to the complex financial side of our lives. Counseling sessions focus on proper budgeting techniques, debt repayment options, student loan assistance, small business advice, credit report education and credit score explanations. CCCS of Buffalo also offers free financial literacy classes in the WNY community to schools, colleges/universities, churches, and companies of all sizes!

The collective mission of our Agency is to provide the best strategies to help people master their credit. We strive to minimize the social stigma associated with debt. Don't confuse us with the ads you see on the television, we do not offer debt settlement services, which can often times do more damage than good when someone is attempting to become debt free. CCCS of Buffalo actively seeks partnerships with employers, small businesses, colleges, and other nonprofit organizations.

CCCS of Buffalo is:

Our Mission

We provide our community with the best strategies to master their credit.

Our Vision

We are the most recognized financial counseling Agency in our community that minimizes the stigma associated with debt.

Our Values


We are honest and confidential while providing consistently high quality service.


We provide a unique service within a comfortable atmosphere that respects the needs of our community.


We educate the community we serve and provide resources to achieve success.


We maintain superior services through creative teamwork and modern technology.

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