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In 2012, the average household had credit card debt of $15,266, mortgage debt of $149,667, and student loan debt of $32,559
(according to information from the Federal Reserve)

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Debt Free Pledge

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Advantages of Being Debt Free:
  • You'll feel as though you got a raise. All the money that was going toward debt repayment is now yours to use as you see fit.
  • With the extra money, you can begin or add to a savings account. This will allow you to establish an emergency fund, and save toward your goals for things such as a vacation, vehicle or home improvements.
  • You'll have money to invest. You can stop paying interest on your debt, and instead put the money to work earning interest for you.
  • Your credit report and credit score will improve, putting you in a better position to receive preferred rates if you need to borrow money in the future. Your insurance premiums could decrease since rates can be based on credit-worthiness.
  • You can answer the phone and get the mail without the dread of collection notices.
  • You'll be in a better financial position if you were to lose your job. By ridding yourself of the burden of overwhelming debt, you'll sleep better, be a better spouse, parent and employee, all because you've removed the cloud of debt that previously was your constant companion. By losing the debt, you lose the stress.
Debt Free Pledge

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